Invest in tokenized real estate projects

We unify Proptech and Blockchain to provide a technological and global solution to real estate investment.

We maximize the benefits of our clients.

Selection of the real estate

We look and select real estates in the best zones to adquire the actives of major potential.

Process of tokenization

Tokenizing the loan necessary to acquire the real estate, dividing the property into tokens.

Distribution of dividends

In the rented flats we distribute monthly dividends to our token holders.

Final sale of the property

We sell the property after the established period, maximizing the benefit of our clients. Principal and interest are paid to the token holders.

Our products

We operate with different types of products to adapt to the targets of investments of our clientes.

Fix & Flip

Buy, reform and sell of real estates.

High returns in the short/medium term!

Haux T acquires assets at a discount and, thanks to the art of Haux Design’s reforms, a WOW effect is achieved that allows assets to be sold more quickly and at a higher price

Imagen de un inmueble representando el método Fix & Flip

Rent to own

The 4.0 version of rent with buying option!

With rent to own, in addition to making the tokens related to housing available to investors, we give the tenant the opportunity to acquire 100% of the property after a while.

Salón de un inmueble


We lease, refurbish and sublease the spaces, converting them into co-living. A product that is increasingly in demand in large cities and that allows the investor to obtain high returns by dividing the space for different tenants.

Foto del salón de un inmueble representando el Co-Hauxing

Our properties

Start investing today.

Know the real estate opportunities in which to invest from today

The future of real estate investing is fractional.

The tokenization of real estate assets has become an important focus for many institutions since 2018, foreseeing a growth in its importance in the future, since it offers high levels of liquidity (tokens) to an industry that is not liquid (real estate).

Fractional ownership democratizes access to real estate investment, and distributes and minimizes both the risks and the costs of traditional property.

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